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“Webinar marketing is one of the most important skills you need to master in business, and I don’t think there’s a better person to teach this anywhere in the world than Andrew Roberts and HowToWebinar.”
Siimon Reynolds, Director -

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  • Why webinars are the most effective sales tool (second only to live events) … and how you can use them to sell more of your products and services. Consistently. Day in day out!
  • 3 ways you can use webinars to create an information product from scratch …
    (put in the effort in once and sell it over and over and over!)
  • The difference between an Information Webinar and one that really SELLS
    (there are more differences than you think…  you’ll discover that mixing the two up will cause you to crash and burn)
  • How Sam uses webinars to pre-qualify his prospects and books them into a really warm appointment
    (that he delivers online and then upsells them to a high end product)
  • The secret ingredient that will get the BIG players in your niche or industry to invite their huge email lists to your Webinar…
    (thus increasing the size of your own email list!)
  • How Stuart the mortgage broker generated 120 leads onto his webinar and was able to fill his next month with appointments!
  • How you can record the presentation in your own time and run it as though it is live
What Time Is The Webinar Presentation?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Perth – starts at 6:00am
Adelaide – starts at 7:30am
Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne – starts at 8:00am
Auckland – starts at 10:00am

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“Originally, I was a little sceptical about how a webinar could be used to help me market my latest business (specialist risk insurance adviser).The presentation wasn’t pushy and I took 6 pages of notes. Andrew’s passion is infectious and I can see that his Fast Start programme is definitely worth investing in because of the time and money it will save me. Just watching Andrew present has given me enormous confidence to run webinars and I now see how I can get some great results in the future.”
Richard Ayre,
A great overview with fabulous system secrets. Andrew gives great psychological tips as well as logical ideas so you really are set up for success.
Megan Hills,